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Our Story

The LHG Academy is a well led, relevant and effective learning provider within a practical real-life environment. Opening the door, nurturing, mentoring and inspiring the event organisers and industry leaders of the future is at the heart of the academy’s ethos. 


We strive to create equal opportunities for young people and disadvantaged adults, understanding, acting on and breaking down social mobility issues.


A not for profit Social Enterprise, the LHG Academy provides a turning point in traditional work based learning opportunities. Learners are at the core of the academy to support, better equip and in turn help live a more meaningful and purposeful life.  We are also committed in developing and providing vocational training opportunities for disadvantaged adults who may have low levels of education, low levels of skills or face ongoing societal or economic challenges. 


We firmly believe vocational training, through a three way mix of engaging work based, classroom and online delivery, is the most effective mode of training.  Quality and depth of learning is fundamental to the Academy and we are keen to be actively involved and strategically aligned with employers and core education partners, funding and accreditation bodies. 


We work collaboratively, developing a new approach to learning and its subsequent implementation, to ensure the diverse learning needs required are fully delivered and achieved.  We employ industry based trainers and professionals with extensive up to date industry knowledge and on the ground work experience. All our trainers are at the core of delivery with direct contact with placement sources, schools, colleges, universities, local employers and funding bodies.


Opportunities for work based learning programmes are being developed with our partners and stakeholders in the following disciplines


  • Academia programmes

  • Public sector funded programmes

  • Work placements

  • Work experience

  • Work based projects

  • Work based research


In the following work areas  


  • Event Operations

  • Event Production

  • Warehousing, stock control and logistics

  • Marketing and Public Relations

  • Sales and Commercial

  • Talent Booking, Contracting and Artist Liaison

  • Film and Media

  • Hospitality (bars, catering)

  • Box Office and Ticketing

  • Finance, Contracting and Administration

  • Customer Service


We are continually looking for partners with who we can work together on a strategic basis providing a robust and quality learning environment - a true delivery partnership to create an environment for the event organisers and industry leaders of the future to thrive.


With an extensive portfolio of partner venues and events and our Worldwide peers already confirming opportunities for international promoter and artist management placements, the LHG Academy will be able to deliver once in a lifetime learning opportunities.  

A truly unique opportunity.

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